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Optimism crowdsale contract FAQ

A token crowdsale, also referred to as a token sale or ICO crowdsale, is a method of raising funds from a community or group of investors on the Optimism blockchain. It provides an alternative financing option for projects and companies, allowing them to seek funding from investors instead of relying on traditional banking channels.

To create a crowdsale on the Optimism network, you'll first need to have an ERC20 token that you want to offer for sale. If you don't have an ERC20 token yet, you can easily create a token on Optimism using Token Tool. Once you have the token, you can proceed to create the token sale smart contract, specify the token contract address or select the token from the drop-down menu once you connect with your wallet.

After configuring the necessary parameters through the launchpad based on your token presale terms, click “Create Sale” and pay the Token Tool fees and network fees by confirming the transaction in your wallet. The smart contract will then be deployed on the Optimism network. Once deployed, your token sale will be ready, and you can start accepting investments from interested investors.

No, you are not required to use a token that you created only with Token Tool. To create a token presale smart contract on the Optimism network, you can utilize any ERC20 token contract issued on the Optimism blockchain.
Yes, you can create a crowdsale contract on the Optimism network without any coding knowledge. While creating an ERC20 crowdsale contract typically involves smart contract programming, there are user-friendly launchpads available that simplify the process for users without coding skills. Token Tool is one of them that offers an intuitive interface, making it easier to create crowdsale smart contracts. Simply connect, configure, and create your crowdsale smart contract hassle-free.
Absolutely! You have the flexibility to customize the parameters of your token sale smart contract on the Optimism network according to your specific requirements. When creating the token sale, you will be directed to the configuration page where you can input your desired parameters. Additionally, you can make edits to these parameters until 10 min before the start of your token sale.

Accepting payments and distributing tokens for your token sale is a straightforward process. During the creation of your token sale, you'll select a payment token through which you wish to receive investments. Once the token presale is successfully created, you need to send the tokens to the token presale contract address using the "Manage Token Sale" function.

You will receive a "Token Sale Display Link," which serves as an interface for investors to submit investments. This link can be embedded in an HTML iFrame on your website or shared directly with investors. Investors will connect their wallets, enter the amount they wish to invest, confirm the transaction, and pay directly from their wallets. After the token presale is completed, investors should return to the same page to claim their tokens. As the issuer, you can withdraw funds from the token sale contract using the "Manage Token Sale" function.

Yes, you have the option to set both a soft cap and hard cap when configuring the parameters of your ERC20 crowdsale contract on Optimism with Token Tool. These caps determine the minimum and maximum amounts you aim to raise. Simply input your desired amounts during the configuration process.
The token presale smart contract provided by Bitbond Token Tool is highly secure and built to bank-grade standards. Bitbond is a reputable tokenization software provider based in Germany and has a proven track record in the industry. Token Tool smart contracts have been audited by CertiK, a leading auditor, further ensuring their security. Count on Bitbond to deliver a premium German-quality solution.
The cost of creating an ERC20 crowdsale contract on Optimism may vary. Typically, hiring a software engineer to develop crowdsale or ICO smart contracts can be costly, often amounting to thousands of dollars. However, with Token Tool, you can leverage institutional-grade crowdsale smart contracts at an affordable price of only USD 250 paid in crypto, plus network fees.

The terms crowdsale and ICO are often used interchangeably, but they have slight differences. A crowdsale is a more general term that encompasses all types of token sales, whereas an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) specifically refers to a token sale where a new cryptocurrency or token is created and offered to investors in the early stages of a project. While all ICOs can be considered crowdsales, not all crowdsales are ICOs.

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