Token Tool by Bitbond

At Bitbond we believe in the tokenization of everything.

Bonds, stocks, fiat currencies, platform specific currencies, art, valuables, usage rights, certificates and many other assets are already being tokenized today.
Token Tool by Bitbond lets you create tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain in a simple and fast way without having to code your own smart contracts.To get started, click on Connect Wallet and select your preferred web3 wallet and the blockchain of your choice.
With Token Tool we make tokenization accessible via a convenient web3 token generator app. You can:
Create ERC20 tokens or their equivalent (ARC20, MRC20 and BEP20)
Distribute tokens to many recipients
Mint NFTs
Create token sales
Manage tokens and mint more, burn or lock tokens
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Connectivity with leading wallet solutions

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Bitbond is a leading tokenization software provider. With our technology, security tokens worth more than USD 200 million have already been tokenized. If you need additional functionalities (e.g. investors and order book management, KYC, regulated token custody, fiat payment integration etc.), please contact us about the Bitbond Offering Manager.We are constantly improving Token Tool and look forward to your feedback.

Happy Tokenizing!

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