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Automate Payments – Create Payment Stream on Arbitrum

Set up payment streams for any token
Manage payroll and salaries in an automated way
Automate interest / coupon payments of fixed income assets
Stream recurring payments
Streams flow until you edit them or choose to stop them
Create payment stream product documentation
You have to Connect Wallet before creating a new payment

Arbitrum payment stream FAQ

A payment stream, also known as a continuous payment, is a smart contract-based method for automating recurring payments of ERC20 tokens or ARB. Token Tool's payment stream feature allows users to schedule and manage these automated payments effortlessly on the Arbitrum network.
The payment stream function is incredibly versatile, catering to a wide range of use cases. You can use it to automate employee salaries, managing interest payouts, subscription services, or any scenario that involves regular, automated token or cryptocurrency transfers.
Absolutely! Token Tool provides the flexibility to create payment streams on Arbitrum for a variety of digital assets, whether it's tokens or different cryptocurrencies. You have the freedom to choose the assets that best suit your payment needs. The only requirement is for these assets to be running on the Arbitrum blockchain.

Setting up a payment stream is hassle-free with Token Tool. You can easily configure the payment stream by first creating a recurring payment collection. Go to the “Automated Payments” function in Token Tool, connect your wallet, and fill in the stream name, symbol, and insert the contract address of the token to be streamed. You can also choose any token available in your wallet from the drop down menu.

Once done, click on “Create stream collection” and confirm the transaction in your wallet to pay the fees. After the payment stream collection has been created, you will find an overview of existing collections that you created in the Automated Payments page. Click on “Manage” to manage payment streams.

You can then configure your automated payment parameters by clicking on “Create payment stream”, where you can specify the duration, payment rate per average month, and payment start time. Make sure to top up the payment stream contract accordingly with the designated tokens for payouts to be successful. To initiate payments, you must manually click “Transfer tokens to recipients” and confirm transactions in your wallet. This will execute the payouts based on the parameters you set for the payment stream collection.

Funds within an existing payment stream are automatically disbursed according to the predefined schedule. However, you must manually initiate the payout by clicking on “transfer tokens to recipients'' every time you need the payments to be executed.

Additionally, as a payment recipient, you can find existing collections of payments you’re eligible for. For this you need to be connected to Token Tool with your recipient wallet address under the “Automate Payments” function. As the recipient you can initiate the transfer of funds to your wallet and the payments will be executed based on the parameters configured by the payment stream creator.

Token Tool offers flexibility and control. You can cancel or modify your payment streams as needed through the user-friendly interface. This ensures that you can adapt your financial commitments to changing circumstances. Simply go to the “Automate Payments” function on Token Tool and connect your wallet on the designated network. You will then find all payment stream collections that you created and you can manage/edit them accordingly.
Yes, Token Tool provides real-time tracking and visibility into the status of your active payment streams. You can monitor each payment's progress, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. To find this information go to Manage stream collection by clicking on “Event history”.
Certainly! Token Tool allows you to create and manage multiple payment streams. This feature is perfect for individuals or businesses with diverse financial obligations.
Token Tool's smart contracts are designed to execute payments precisely as scheduled. You can rely on the system to ensure timely and accurate disbursements to the recipient. However, it is important to note that you must initiate the payouts manually by clicking on “Transfer token to recipients” under the “Manage” button in your existing payment stream collection.

To prevent payment failures, it's essential to maintain a sufficient balance in the payment stream contract to cover the scheduled payments within the payment stream. This ensures the uninterrupted execution of your payment stream. You can do that by topping up the contract balance in the Manage stream page.

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