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FTM Faucet - Fantom Testnet

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Fantom Testnet faucet FAQ

The Fantom faucet provides you with small amounts of free testnet FTM to explore the Fantom test network and test decentralized applications (DApps) without risking their own funds.
A testnet token is a digital currency that exists on a testnet, a separate blockchain network that mirrors the main Fantom network but is not used for real-world transactions. Testnet tokens are freely available and are intended for testing purposes only. In the Fantom case, the most popular testnet is the Fantom Testnet.
The Fantom faucet is open to anyone who wants to experiment with Fantom and DApps. It is particularly useful for developers who need testnet FTM to test their applications before deploying them on the mainnet. It can also be relevant to you as a Token Tool user to deploy smart contracts on mainnet but need to ensure a seamless process beforehand. You can test the behavior of your tokens and see if the contract is conforming to your requirements.
1.Prepare wallet: To receive testnet FTM, you will need to have a wallet that supports testnet networks. Popular options include MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet.
2.Visit Token Tool faucet: Go to Token Tool and select the "Avalanche Fuji Faucet" option.
3.Complete profile: Connect your wallet to Token Tool and complete the steps to reach 100% profile completion.
4.Request testnet FTM: Go back to the faucet page and click the "Request FTM" button to claim faucet coins.
5.Once the transaction is processed you will receive the funds to the connected wallet.
Crypto faucets typically work by distributing small amounts of cryptocurrency to users in exchange for completing simple tasks, such as completing your profile, solving CAPTCHAs or watching advertisements. With Bitbond Token Tool, you need to connect your wallet, and go through the profile completion steps. After completing, you will be able to claim testnet FTM coins to your wallet.
The Bitbond Token Tool FTM testnet faucet currently allows users to claim {{faucetAmount}} FTM every 24 hours. This limit is in place to prevent excessive claims and ensure fair distribution of testnet FTM.
Once you have requested testnet FTM, it may take a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed on the testnet blockchain. You can check your testnet wallet balance to verify that the FTM has been credited. Alternatively, you can simply check your wallet transaction history directly on the Fantom testnet block explorer.
Testnet tokens can be used to explore the Fantom blockchain, test DApps, and interact with smart contracts without risking your own funds. They are also often used for educational purposes and to test the functionality of new Fantom-based products or services. For example, you can try how easy it is to create a token with Bitbond Token Tool.
Since testnet tokens are not real money, there are no financial risks involved in using them. However, it is important to be aware that testnet networks are not as secure as the main Fantom network, so there is a slight risk of your testnet balance being lost or stolen.

Yes, the Bitbond Token Tool FTM faucet is a safe and secure way to obtain testnet FTM. The faucet is operated by a reputable company and the website is protected with HTTPS and other security measures.

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