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Blast gas prices FAQ

Gas prices on Blast are the fees users pay to have their transactions processed on the network. They are denominated in gwei, a unit equal to 0.000000001 Blast ETH.
Token Tool provides real-time estimates of current gas prices on the Blast network in an intuitive manner. This helps users estimate total costs before carrying out transactions.
Gas price: The amount paid for each unit of gas. Gas measures the computational effort required to execute a transaction.
Gas fee: The total cost of a transaction, calculated by multiplying the gas price by the gas limit.
Several factors affect gas prices on Blast, including network congestion, transaction complexity, and the price of Blast ETH. Congestion and complexity can drive prices up, while a higher Blast ETH price may also increase gas prices.
You can estimate the gas price using a gas price oracle like Token Tool or a gas price calculator. These tools estimate gas prices based on transaction type and complexity.
Gas prices on Blast have been relatively stable due to its Layer 2 efficiency since its launch in 2022. However, prices may rise with increased network usage.
You can lower gas prices by waiting for congestion to decrease, using a gas price calculator, or using a batching service to group transactions.
A low gas limit means your transaction will be dropped from the network, requiring resubmission with a higher limit. A high limit may result in excess gas fees, but the surplus is refunded.

Fast, average, and slow gas prices indicate the speed of transaction processing. Higher prices ensure faster processing but come with higher fees. It's advisable to use the average gas price unless urgent, or the slow price to save costs, albeit with longer processing times.

Here is a table that summarizes the differences between the fast, average, and slow gas prices:

Gas PriceSpeedFees

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