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Crypto portfolio tracker FAQ

The Token Tool crypto portfolio tracker is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to track your wallet balances and asset values across multiple chains. It is a DeFi portfolio tracker that supports a wide range of crypto assets and tokens on Ethereum and EVM compatible chains.
To use the Token Tool crypto portfolio tracker, go to “Track Token Portfolio” and connect your wallet. You can then view your portfolio balance and value in real time. Alternatively, you can simply search the wallet’s address to retrieve the balance accordingly.
The Token Tool crypto portfolio tracker currently supports the following chains: Ethereum, Polygon PoS, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum.
Yes, Token Tool’s crypto portfolio tracker also supports NFTs. You can simply click on the “NFT” tab to view all NFT assets you own in your wallet. You can view further details such as the NFT contract and the NFT metadata. Video NFTs can be played including audio.

Yes, the Token Tool crypto portfolio tracker supports testnet tokens. Supported testnet networks are Ethereum Sepolia, Polygon Amoy, BNB Smart Chain Testnet. To view your testnet balance, simply:

1.Connect your wallet
2.Click on the settings wheel icon next to your avatar
3.Click on “Verify address” and then complete the message signing request in your wallet
4.Click the settings wheel icon again and enable the “Show tokens on testnets”
5.Click on “Save changes” and you should be able to see your testnet balances

Make sure to turn off the testnet view if you wish to go back to seeing your mainnet crypto assets. You can only view either mainnet or testnet tokens.

Token Tool’s DeFi portfolio tracker uses price aggregator API to retrieve the prices of your assets. If the token or cryptocurrency is listed on an exchange, the portfolio tracker extracts the price information based on market data. For unlisted tokens, you can simply input the price manually in your wallet balance’s dashboard in the crypto portfolio tracker.
To input a price for an unlisted token, simply click on the pen icon under the “Price ($)” column of the designated token. Type in the amount and then hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Token Tool’s DeFi portfolio tracker will calculate the total value of balance based on the price you inserted.
To blacklist a token from the view, simply click on the three dots next to the token name and select "Blacklist Token". The token will then be removed from your portfolio view. If you wish to see that token again, simply click on the setting wheel next to your profile icon, go to “Manage blacklist”, and remove the respective token from the blacklisting view.
Yes, the Token Tool crypto portfolio tracker is free to use. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Tracking your assets across different wallets can be a cumbersome task. Token Tool’s web3 portfolio tracker provides users with a user-friendly tool to track assets across their different portfolios. There are several benefits to using the Bitbond Token Tool crypto portfolio tracker, including:

1.It is free and easy to use, secure, and non-custodial.
2.It supports a wide range of crypto assets and provides real-time portfolio tracking.
3.You can take actions for your tokens directly from the portfolio tracker, providing you with a seamless and intuitive experience.
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