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Create Security Token on Blast

Secure, compliant and intuitive security token generator
Zero smart contract programming required
Immediate ownership over generated tokens
Set custom parameters from ERC1400 token standard family
Seamless integration with digital asset custody solutions
Create token product documentation
To create a token, Connect Wallet first

Blast security token generator FAQ

A security token is a digital asset representing ownership in an underlying security or financial instrument. Tokenized securities, issued on Blast, offer enhanced transferability, transparency, and settlement efficiency compared to traditional securities. They can represent various assets like stocks, bonds, funds, certificates, derivatives, commodities, etc.
A security token smart contract generator simplifies the creation and deployment of security tokens on Blast. It provides an intuitive interface and customizable templates tailored to your project's needs.
The cost varies based on project complexity and features required. Using a smart contract generator like Token Tool is more cost-effective, with a maximum cost of $230 for creating a token with all security token features enabled.
You can create various security tokens, including Equity tokens (representing ownership in a company), Debt tokens (representing debt securities), and Asset-backed tokens (representing ownership in assets like real estate).
You need a web3 wallet, sufficient funds for transaction and gas fees, and a basic understanding of security token regulations.
Connect your web3 wallet, enter token details, customize the smart contract template, and deploy it to Blast.
You can use the ERC-1400 on Blast to issue a tokenized security as it’s among the most compliant standards available. Token Tool makes use of different security token standards from the ERC-1400 family: ERC-1643, ERC-1594, ERC-1410, ERC-1594. You can find all details about these token standards in our documentation here.
Choose a reputable generator such as Bitbond Token Tool, review smart contract code thoroughly, and seek legal advice.
A custom smart contract is tailored to your project, offering flexibility but requiring expertise. A pre-built template provides a starting point, quicker and easier but with fewer customization options.

Bitbond Token Tool’s smart contract templates are audited by CertiK. Additional auditing can be sought for further due diligence. Tokens created with Token Tool are automatically verified, ensuring public accessibility on the block explorer.

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