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Bitbond Token Tool Affiliate-Program

Terms & ConditionsThe following terms and conditions apply to the participation in the Token Tool Affiliate-Program of Bitbond GmbH based in Germany, Berlin, Lottumstr. 26, 10119 Berlin, registered with the commercial register of the local court (Amtsgericht) of Charlottenburg under HRB 146980 B (hereinafter referred to as “Bitbond“, “us“ or “we“).


Bitbond initiates this Affiliate-Program to reward eligible Affiliates for introductions to users of the SaaS-Application Token Tool (“Users”) which is developed and hosted by Bitbond.Participation in the Token Tool Affiliate-Program is possible after having signed up to the Token Tool affiliate website.After the start of our registration, participation in the Affiliate-Program will only be possible after your acceptance by Bitbond.Participating in the Affiliate-Program is subject to the following conditions.

§ 1 – Eligibility for the Bitbond Affiliate-Program

1.1 Before you can become an Affiliate for Bitbond you have to participate in our registration as a qualified Affiliate, by signing up on our website on The registration will include but is not limited to the collection of the following information of the applicant:
  • First name*
  • Last name*
  • Email address*
  • Telegram ID
  • Affiliate type*
  • EVM wallet address for commission payout*
  • Country of residence*
  • Other social media channels
1.2 Eligible for participating in the Bitbond Token Tool Affiliate-Program as “Affiliate” are only individuals or entities who have successfully signed up to the Bitbond Affiliate Program and created a minimum of one personalized Affiliate Discount Code.1.3 Bitbond has sole discretion about who will be considered an Affiliate. There is no claim to be classified as Affiliate.1.4 The Affiliate can only participate in the Affiliate-Program and is only eligible to receive Rewards, if the Affiliate has concluded a formal acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

§ 2 – Rights and Obligations of the Affiliate

2.1 After an applicant was accepted as an Affiliate by Bitbond, the Affiliate can log in to a dedicated Affiliate account and view the Affiliate Discount Code and other account data.2.2 An Affiliate is entitled to create multiple dedicated Discount Codes for different platforms (e.g. one for YouTube and one for my blog) or different customers to measure the success of the Affiliate‘s campaigns.2.3 Each Affiliate Discount Code can be applied to the following functions of Token Tool, other functions are either excluded from the use of discount codes or do not have an input field for the discount code:
  • Create Token
  • Distribute Token
  • Create Token Sale
  • Create Token Locker
  • Create NFT (not on NFT minting though)
  • Distribute NFT
2.4 The Affiliate may pass on one or more personalized Affiliate Discount Code(s) to the Affiliate‘s network and thereby make potential Users aware of Token Tool.2.5 The Affiliate shall only pass Affiliate Discount Codes to potential Users that have a legitimate interest in any product of Bitbond, particularly the Bitbond Token Tool.2.6 The Affiliate is not entitled to act as representative for Bitbond, i.e. in particular the Affiliate may not act in the name of Bitbond or make any declarations with legally binding effect for and against Bitbond.

§ 3 – Affiliate Introductions to Users

3.1 The Affiliate may pass on personalized Affiliate Discount Codes to his/her network of potential Users e.g. via private messages, email, the Affiliate’s website or social media channels.3.2 Users of the Affiliate’s personalized Affiliate Discount Code will be referred to the website Each Affiliate Discount Code is valid for one year as of the date it has been created.3.4 The Affiliate may provide Bitbond with contact details of potential Users of whom the Affiliate has obtained consent to pass on the contact details to Bitbond in order to receive information on Token Tool.3.5 The Affiliate does not carry out any advisory or mediation activity in reference to a specific product.

§ 4 – Duration of the Bitbond Token Tool Affiliate-Program

4.1 The Token Tool Affiliate-Program will start on the day of the release of the Affiliate Program and these corresponding Terms & Conditions in particular. It shall end at Bitbond ‘s sole discretion.4.2 The Affiliate can only refer potential Users to Bitbond during the aforementioned term of the Bitbond Affiliate-Program.

§ 5 – Affiliate Fees for Successful Referrals

5.1 A Successful Referral of a User based on a personalized Affiliate Discount Code is the prerequisite in order to receive an Affiliate Fee. For a Successful Referral within the meaning of these Terms & Conditions a Reward is paid to the Affiliate, if the following conditions are met (“Successful Referral”):based on the referral of the Affiliate’s personalized Affiliate Discount Code, a User shall have concluded one or more transaction or transactions in Token Tool, using the respective Affiliate’s Discount Codeand the transaction has not, in case a right of revocation is applicable, been revoked.5.2 In the event of a Successful Referral the User of an Affiliate Discount Code shall receive a discount of 10% on the transaction fee payable for the respective transaction.5.3 Affiliate Fees will only be granted in the Cryptocurrency the user has chosen for her/his transaction in Token Tool (e.g. ETH on Ethereum, MATIC on Polygon etc.). There is no entitlement of an Affiliate to receive payment in a FIAT-currency. 5.4 The Affiliate shall receive in general for a Successful Referral of a User as defined in § 5.1 of these Terms & Conditions an Affiliate Fee of 30 % of the discounted revenue generated by Bitbond of each transaction in Token Tool when an Affiliate Discount Code is used.5.5 All Affiliate Fees shall be transferred to the respective Affiliate once per month, after the 15th day of a month for the previous month. The exchange rate between the selected crypto custody and Euro shall be the applicable exchange rate on the day of the transaction in Token Tool which generated the particular Affiliate Fee. 5.7 With the transfer of the Affiliate Fee by Bitbond all claims of the Affiliate against Bitbond with regard to a transaction in which one of the Affiliate ś Discount Codes was used, are fully settled. In particular, there is no additional claim by the Affiliate for reimbursement of expenses.

§ 6 – Restrictions, No Misrepresentation

6.1 The Affiliate shall keep information, documents and materials provided by Bitbond, identities and information on Token Tool Users and their respective investments, strictly confidential. Especially, the Affiliate shall not upload or distribute any user related information – notwithstanding personalized Affiliate Discount Codes –, publicly via any websites, social media channels or public messenger programs such as Telegram. 6.2 The Affiliate must show impeccable behaviour regarding the brand of Bitbond GmbH, and shall not behave in any manner that could bring harm to Bitbond.

§ 7 – Termination

7.1 Bitbond reserves the right to terminate the relation to the Affiliate based on these Terms & Conditions. 7.2 Bitbond may exclude the Affiliate from the program in its sole discretion in case the Affiliate violates a condition as outlined in § 5 and 6 of these Terms & Conditions.7.3 An Affiliate-Partner may refrain from participating in the Token Tool Affiliate-Program at any time. As an Affiliate-Partner you shall inform Bitbond in writing via email or orally in case you do not want to participate in the Token Tool Affiliate-Program any longer.

§ 8 – Data protection

It is pointed out that the Affiliate is obliged to comply with all relevant data protection regulations. In particular, he must maintain secrecy with regard to all personal, operational and business data of which he gains knowledge in the course of his activities. In addition, confidential data, information and documents must be protected in such a way that unauthorized third parties cannot inspect or access them. These obligations shall also be complied with after termination of the collaboration. The Affiliate should obtain a declaration of consent from the potential customer for the disclosure of his or her personal data, in case the Affiliate wants to provide Bitbond with contact details of potential Users according to § 3.4 of these Terms & Conditions.

§ 9 – Taxation

The clarification of the question whether the Affiliate Rewards give rise to taxation (e.g. sales tax, income tax) on behalf of the Affiliate as well as any required tax payment, is incumbent solely on the Affiliate. We recommend the Affiliate to contact tax professionals or the relevant tax authorities for clarification in this regard.

§ 10 – Liability

10.1 The liability of the parties, also for vicarious agents, is limited to intent and gross negligence. This does not apply in the case of damages resulting from injury to life, body or health or in the case of breach of cardinal obligations.The above limitation of liability shall also apply in favour of our employees, representatives, organs and vicarious agents.10.2 The Affiliate releases Bitbond from all claims of interested parties or other third parties on first request, which result from a breach of duty or from a violation of legal obligations of the Affiliate, his employees, freelancers, representatives or other vicarious agents under these Terms & Conditions.

§ 11 – Miscellaneous

11.1 These Terms & Conditions set forth the entire agreement and understanding of Bitbond and the Affiliate relating to the subject matter herein and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous disclosures, discussions, understandings and agreements, whether oral or written, between them. Any provision of these Terms & Conditions may be amended, waived or modified unilaterally by Bitbond.11.2 In the event one or more of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions is for any reason held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part or in any respect, or in the event that any one or more of the provisions operate or would prospectively operate to invalidate these Terms & Conditions, then and in any such event, such provision(s) only will be deemed null and void and will not affect any other provision and the remaining provisions will remain operative and in full force and effect and will not be affected, prejudiced, or disturbed thereby.11.3 All rights and obligations hereunder will be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Germany, without regard to the conflicts of law provisions or principles (whether of Germany or any other jurisdiction) that would cause the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction. 11.4 The competent courts for jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with these Terms & Conditions are those of the city of Berlin.
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