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Multisend MLD20 tokens on Meld FAQ

Yes, you can send MELD to multiple recipients in one transaction using the Meld. This is achieved using so-called multisend smart contracts. You can also multisend MELD or MLD20 tokens using multisender dApps like Token Tool.
Multisend MLD20 tokens means sending an MLD20 token to multiple recipients in a single transaction. This is carried out using multisend smart contracts or multisender dApps.
A token multisender dApp is a decentralized application that supports Meld blockchain among its networks. It enables users to send MELD or MLD20 tokens to multiple recipients in one batched transaction. Bitbond Token Tool is a multisender dApp simplifying the process of distributing tokens. It helps you send tokens to a large number of addresses efficiently and cost-effectively.

To send MLD20 tokens to multiple addresses, you can use a token multisender dApp or smart contract. Such dApps allow you to input a list of recipient addresses and corresponding token amounts. Then you can initiate a single transaction to distribute the tokens to all the specified addresses.

Token Tool provides an intuitive interface to carry out the process in an easy manner. Simply connect your wallet, go to the “Distribute Token” function and select the token you would like to multisend. Copy and paste a list of addresses with the respective token amount that you want to send to each address. Alternatively, you can upload a .csv, .xls or .txt file with the list.

The list should include each recipient address and the respective token amount separated by a comma (note that there must NOT be a space after the comma: [Wallet Address],[Amount]).

Each address has to be on a newline like in this example:



Sending MELD or MLD20 tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction requires a multisend smart contract. You can use Token Tool’s multisender smart contract to easily distribute MELD or MLD20 tokens. By using this contract, you can consolidate all the transactions into one, saving time and gas fees.
The limit on the number of addresses you can multisend tokens to depends on the specific token multisender dApp or smart contract used. Different contracts may have different limitations based on the gas limits and other factors of the underlying blockchain. Token Tool has a limit of 200 addresses per batch transaction. If there are more than 200 addresses in your list, you will have to approve each batch separately.
Token multisend functions are commonly used for airdrops to a long list of eligible recipients. They can also be used for initial token distribution to investors after a primary issuance, sending additional tokens to token holders after a capital increase or a rights issue, sending dividend or coupon payments in stable coins, cryptocurrencies or asset tokens to token holders.
A token airdrop is a method of distributing free tokens to a large number of individuals, typically as a way to raise awareness, reward community members, or encourage adoption of a new cryptocurrency or blockchain project.
In order to airdrop tokens with a multisender dApp simply follow the steps as described per the respective dApp documentation. With Token Tool doing an airdrop is the same as mulitsending tokens. You can learn more details in our guide on how to airdrop tokens.

The cost of distributing tokens to many addresses depends on the gas fees of the blockchain network used. It also depends on the complexity of the smart contract utilized. Programming your own smart contract can be expensive and complex. Hence, leveraging multisender dApps like Token Tool can make the process more reliable and less costly.

Sending tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction is generally more cost-effective than sending individual transactions. It does still incur gas fees for each operation performed on the blockchain.

With Token Tool, distributing MLD20 tokens on the Base blockchain costs USD 1 per address + gas fees. The fees are paid in MELD which is the native cryptocurrency of Meld.

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