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Fantom FRC20 token generator FAQ

The Fantom blockchain is a decentralized, high-performance platform designed to support smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). It aims to provide fast transaction processing speeds and low transaction costs while maintaining high security and scalability. Fantom utilizes a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) consensus mechanism called the Lachesis Protocol to achieve its goals. FRC20 tokens is the smart contract standard used to issue tokens on the Fantom network. They adhere to a specific set of standards similarly to commonly used token standards on EVM networks.

Instead of programming your own FRC20 smart contracts, you can simply use an FRC20 token generator. It requires you to have a web3 wallet such as Metamask, and sufficient funds to cover for the token creation fees. Token generators streamline the process of creating FRC20 tokens.

Bitbond Token Tool is a token maker that enables effortless token creation, by simply connecting to the Fantom network, and defining various parameters: name, symbol, total supply, and other customizable features. It’s as easy as filling in a form by carefully following instructions. The token maker then generates the smart contract code for you. The tokens get automatically deployed onto the Fantom network, and your digital assets are successfully issued after the transaction is processed.

Yes, you can! Bitbond Token Tool was designed to spare users from technical hurdles. Using our token generator is the perfect solution, enabling you to leverage the true power of tokenization. Using Token Tool’s highly intuitive interface, you can benefit from pre-built smart contract templates while being guided through the token creation process.

Token makers eliminate the need for coding expertise, allowing individuals with limited technical background to create their own FRC20 tokens saving significant costs and time. You can even try it for free on the Fantom testnet using an FTM faucet.

Token contracts that are created and deployed with Token Tool use a default contract name that is displayed in the block explorer after contract source code is verified. If you wish to add a custom contract name, you must enable the “Set Custom Token Contract Name” feature. The custom contract name should not contain any spaces and must be in PascalCase (e.g. MyToken).
Using a FRC20 token generator has various benefits for users looking to create and deploy tokens without coding their own smart contracts. The token creation and deployment process is automated and drastically simplified. Token generators also provide customizable options, allowing you to tailor your token features based on your needs and requirements. Token Tool enables you to easily, compliantly, and cost-effectively leverage audited, bank-grade smart contracts, with a proven track record.
Did you create a FRC20 token using our token maker? Congratulations, you did great! You may need to add a logo to your token or update the token information on the block explorer. This process is usually similar across different networks and is carried out directly via the block explorer’s support. Keep in mind that It is done independently of Token Tool. You have to submit a form via the block explorer by providing additional information about your token and project. Once their support approves it, you will receive access to update token information accordingly.
Yes, you can set a limit on the total supply of your FRC20 token. During the token creation process, you can specify the initial supply for your token and enable the “Set Total Supply Cap”. This allows you to control the maximum number of total tokens that will ever be in circulation, providing scarcity and value to your token economy. Make sure to use this feature meticulously as it cannot be modified after the token contract is deployed to the network.
Yes you can create a token that can be minted and/or burned after deploying it to the network. Simply enable the features “Can burn” and “Can mint” upon creation. These features would allow you to change the token supply after token creation. If you have a total supply cap enabled on your token, you will not be able to mint more than the allowed supply.
You can easily track your FRC20 token’s total supply by simply pasting the contract address of your token in the search bar of the FTMscan block explorer. You can also find information related to your token under the Manage Token function after selecting the respective token from the drop down menu or simply by pasting the contract address of your token in the designated field.
Yes, you can use your FRC20 tokens in decentralized applications (dApps) on the Fantom blockchain. The Fantom ecosystem offers a wide range of DeFi protocols and platforms that accept FRC20 tokens for various financial activities. Some use cases can include lending, borrowing, liquidity provision, and yield farming. By integrating your FRC20 token into DeFi protocols, you can unlock opportunities for your token holders to participate in decentralized financial activities.

Some properties such as the token name, symbol, and decimals can’t be modified after the token creation and successful deployment to the Fantom network. Depending on the additional features you enable upon creation, it may be possible to carry out modifications under the Manage Token function after creation.

For example: If you enable “Can mint” upon creation of the token, then once you create the FRC20 token and deploy it to the network, you would be able to return to the Manage Token page and add more tokens to the total supply after the initial creation. The asset documentation entry can also be altered after token creation, if this feature is enabled.

To add tax and deflation to your FRC20 token, you must enable “Charge transaction tax / fee” and/or “Burn fee for deflationary token” respectively. You can then configure the parameters to fit your needs.

For example: for the tax feature you can configure the token to deduct a 1% fee each time the token is transacted with on the network. You will need to choose a recipient wallet address to which the transaction fee should be automatically credited.

Yes, if you wish to create a reflections token, aka a token with holders reward. simply enable the “Apply Holder Rewards (Reflection Token)” feature upon creating the token. You should then specify the rate for the reward fees in basis points. For example: if you want 1% of the transaction to be allocated to token holders, then you must set the rate to 100 BPS. You can always modify the rate at a later point under the Manage Token section.

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